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Monday Morning Leadership

Are you a champion for emotional intelligence, growth, excellence, creativity and innovation? Show your commitment to employee development with an annual subscription to the Monday Morning Leadership Podcast with Bill Marklein, founder of Employ Humanity. The weekly podcast is a brief but inspiring talk (<5 minutes) to your team straight to your email every Monday morning to develop leadership and EQ. The consistent weekly format with a specialized angle to leadership is proven to develop EQ for excellence and creates inspiring conversations with colleagues and beyond—and guarantees 52 conversation starters "icebreakers" for your internal meetings (a great motivation tool for remote at-home employees). Come together and build a culture of excellence and engagement with the Monday Morning Leadership Podcast!

Every Monday / 52 Weeks / Year-to-Date Subscription
Flexible Launch Date 
Corporate Annual Subscription Cost Varies (# of people)

Request investment below by indicating total number of people participating in the podcast program and your ideal launch date. Thank you.

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