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The Leaders We Remember

Our leadership legacy has way more to do with emotional intelligence than IQ proving the statement "people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care" to be very true. The leaders we remember:

1.  Developed us as leaders.
2.  Provided a safe place to grow.
3.  Pushed us beyond comfort zones.
4.  Recognized & rewarded our work.
5.  Provided flexibility.
6.  Created belonging.
7.  Trusted us.
8.  Led by example.
9.  Inspired purpose.
10.  Let us be creative.
11.  Built our confidence.
12.  Opened career doors.
13.  Forgave our mistakes.
14.  Always had our back.
15.  Showed us blind spots.
16.  Listened with empathy & curiosity.

The best places to work have exceptional leaders—leaders that provide us growth, open career doors, have a spirit of gratitude, develop us as leaders, inspire us to reach our potential, lead by example and relentlessly mentor, coach and serve. To nominate a leader for Employ Humanity Inspirational Leaders, please click below "Nominate Now" button and fill out the brief form. That easy. Selected leaders will be celebrated in a publication late Summer 2024.



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