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The Leaders We Remember

Our leadership legacy has way more to do with emotional intelligence than IQ proving the statement "people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care" to be very true. The leaders we remember:

1.  Developed us as leaders.
2.  Provided a safe place to grow.
3.  Pushed us beyond comfort zones.
4.  Recognized & rewarded our work.
5.  Provided flexibility.
6.  Created belonging.
7.  Trusted us.
8.  Led by example.
9.  Inspired purpose.
10.  Let us be creative.
11.  Built our confidence.
12.  Opened career doors.
13.  Forgave our mistakes.
14.  Always had our back.
15.  Showed us blind spots.
16.  Listened with empathy & curiosity.

Corporate training and speaking events available upon request—say hello! Employ Humanity is a leadership development and culture design company based in Wisconsin serving the entire United States. Leadership Day 2023 is October 5 at the Harley-Davidson Museum!


Leadership Day
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