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Bill Marklein

National Speaker

& Trusted Advisor

Optimizing Human Performance.

On & Off-site

training program


Inspirational training for all employees that will meet participants where they are at

on their leadership journey.

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Evolving leadership at all levels that inspires, engages and serves humanity in the workplace.


Improved mental, emotional and physiological health that impacts all areas of performance.


Reach new levels of success

with improved teamwork, trust and essential people skills.


Your biggest asset is your people, it's time for even better authentic human connection internally and externally.


A workplace centered on EI

equals more community involvement, volunteerism and happiness in the home.


An even better culture that makes your organization an attractive and adaptive place to work and connect.

  • Corporate Team Training (On or Off-site)

  • EI Leadership Development Seminars

  • Online Learning

  • Keynotes, All Employee Events & More

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to effectively manage our own emotions and the emotions around us and it is the #1 competency for servant leadership, building trusting relationships and inspiring humanity in the 21st Century. Emotional Intelligence is not a luxury, it’s a necessity for excellence in business and life and is the foundation for well-being.
Bill Marklein founded Employ Humanity LLC to upskill Emotional Intelligence in workplaces across the world. Marklein has his Master's Degree in Corporate Communication from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater with his primary research on Emotional Intelligence (EI) and human connection. A specialized expertise for Emotional Intelligence in the business community was developed with his entire professional career spent working for small and large chambers of commerce, most recently as Community Relations Director for the Sheboygan County Chamber (WI). Marklein has presented nationally coast-to-coast from San Diego to Savannah on Emotional Intelligence and has trained healthcare administration on the topic at one of the largest independent healthcare facilities in Wisconsin. In Savannah, Marklein was a featured speaker on Emotional Intelligence at the American Chamber of Commerce Executives National Convention. Marklein has trained and upskilled the gamut from young professionals to educators to the C-Suite across all industries.

Founder Bill Marklein


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