When the waves of adversity and change come—

As it will daily big or small—

Learn how to surf with Emotional Intelligence

to thrive and achieve EXCELLENCE.


Employ Humanity is a leadership development and culture design company.

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Emotional Intelligence is the ability to effectively manage our own emotions and the emotions around us and it is the #1 competency for servant leadership, building trusting relationships and inspiring humanity in the 21st Century. Emotional Intelligence is not a luxury, it’s a necessity for excellence in business and life and is the foundation for well-being and growth.
Bill Marklein founded Employ Humanity LLC to upskill Emotional Intelligence in workplaces across the world. Marklein has his Master's Degree in Corporate Communication from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater with his primary research on Emotional Intelligence (EI) and human connection. Marklein has presented nationally coast-to-coast from San Diego to Savannah on Emotional Intelligence and works with growing organizations of all sizes across all industries to optimize Emotional Intelligence to achieve excellence.
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