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Northern Lights

the inspiring 90-minute keynote by Bill Marklein

"Culture is how employees' hearts and stomachs feel about Monday morning on Sunday night." - Bill Marklein

Sunday Night Leadership™ is a revolutionary way of leading so that people are excited about Monday morning on Sunday night. Life is too short to have anxiety on Sunday night and the workplace should be a place where humanity flourishes. With six core leadership areas of focus, this inspiring 90-minute keynote program gives attendees the skills, mindset and best practices to successfully lead in the workplace Monday thru Friday so that Sunday night everybody is excited for Monday morning! This keynote program is amazing for all-employee events, conferences, awards ceremonies, leadership trainings, professional sports organizations and beyond. All attendees will receive a printed, timeless reminder of the Sunday Night Leadership focus areas that they can display at home or in the office! The creator and presenter of Sunday Night Leadership is Bill Marklein. Insightful Employ Humanity® research data on current trends will be shared.


The six focus areas for leadership excellence:

Self Awareness

The leadership ability to know oneself authentically and monitor emotions in the moment.

Growth Mindset

The leadership ability to see setbacks and failures as huge learning opportunities to improve—a quick bounce-back rate.


The leadership ability to adapt to different personalities, emotions, ideas and change.


The leadership ability to have people follow one's lead because they want to based on character, not because they have to based on authority or title. Everybody can lead from any position.


The leadership ability to put oneself in other people's shoes and demonstrate curiosity to learn more. 


The self awareness that leadership is a privilege. When you are in a leadership role, your influence will affect the trajectory of someone's career and life.


Bill Marklein is an author, thought leader, national speaker, leadership + culture researcher and the founder of Employ Humanity LLC—a leadership development and culture design company. Marklein has his Master's Degree in Corporate Communication from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater with his primary research on Emotional Intelligence and human connection. A sought after keynote speaker for a wide-variety of events, Marklein has inspired more than 100,000 professionals to become servant leaders in and outside the workplace. Marklein has presented nationally coast-to-coast from San Diego to Savannah and his newest leadership book, Priceless Cheese: Leadership Lessons from the Cheese Counter, was released November 25. 

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