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A great book for personal and professional growth!


Limitless Rise by Bill Marklein

  • Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the ability to successfully manage our own emotions and the emotions around us and it is quickly becoming the #1 competency for exceptional leadership and achieving excellence in the 21st Century. Colleagues, customers, and all of humanity crave for a workplace culture and community that values and is committed to Emotional Intelligence. With the rapid acceleration of technology, Artificial Intelligence, disruption, change, and stress—EI is even more crucial for elevating and accelerating human creativity, innovation, adaptability, accountability, resiliency, and holistic well-being.


    Limitless Rise is the playbook for simple yet significant Emotional Intelligence concepts that will elevate leadership and employ potential to achieve excellence. Designed to teach leadership principles blended with EI, Limitless Rise follows the story of teenager Brooks Lambeau and his life-changing visit with a remarkable family member. Limitless Rise is an instant classic and must-read book for anyone who is looking to elevate their Emotional Intelligence to thrive—and rise—in life.

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