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A great book for personal and professional growth!



Endless Bloom by Bill Marklein

  • Endless Bloom is an instant classic in the space of Emotional Intelligence nourishing and inspiring the human spirit. With a focus on leadership enrichment, this book delivers practical tools, character traits, leadership insight, self-reflections, and inspiration that will plant Emotional Intelligence within you for positive growth. Endless Bloom follows the story of beloved Professor Brooks Lambeau and his courageous final act to inspire Emotional Intelligence in his students, university, community, and beyond. Focus areas include:

    •    Time

    •    Journey

    •    Dreams

    •    Action

    •    Self-Awareness

    •    Clarity

    •    Heroes

    •    Adaptability  

    •   Empathy

    •   Curiosity

    •   Confidence

    •   Self-Compassion

    •   Forgiveness

    •   Friendship

    •   Humor

    •   Gratitude

    •    Love

    •    Kindness

    •    Authenticity

    •    Courage

    •    Discipline

    •    Resilience

    •    Faith

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