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Leader Name: Ashley Kohler
Job Title: Director of Wellness
Company: Destination Kohler
Favorite Restaurant: Le Colonial in Chicago
Favorite Sports Team: Green Bay Packers
Favorite Hobby: Yoga

1.  What makes a great leader?
A great leader motivates their team with passion, purpose, and determination. They possess integrity and prioritize serving their team while having unwavering belief in their talents. Effective leaders foster empowerment by encouraging creativity and imagination. They identify the talents and strengths of others to assemble the best team around them. Guiding others to embrace their life's calling and true purpose, great leaders cultivate a positive environment and energy that aligns with a grander vision.

2.  How does emotional intelligence help you lead and connect with yourself or others?

Emotional intelligence helps me lead from the heart, trust my gut instinct, and empathize with those around me. By developing self-awareness, I can understand my own emotions, thoughts, and behaviors, leading to more conscious decision-making and a greater ability to connect with others. In hospitality and wellness, mindfulness helps me stay present and attuned to the needs and dynamics of the moment. The adaptability nurtured by emotional intelligence allows me to embrace change, navigate challenges, and respond effectively in diverse situations. By being adaptable, I can connect with others by understanding their unique perspectives and adjusting my approach accordingly. Empathy, a core component of emotional intelligence, empowers me to understand and share the feelings of others, creating trust, compassion, and genuine connections.

3.  What is the most important thing you value in workplace culture? 
The most important thing I value in workplace culture is believing in people. My motto is, "Miracles and dreams come true when you mix passion and a strong work ethic with a little grit and fire within."  I prioritize creating an environment where everyone is supported and encouraged to pursue their passions and dreams. This includes creating a culture of support, having crucial conversations, and providing leadership that ignites the inner fire within every associate. I also emphasize the importance of embracing bold ideas and wild dreams. We can unlock remarkable achievements by believing in people and cultivating a culture that celebrates their potential.

4.  What are some awesome new things you are doing at your organization or in the community?
I'm excited to share some of the new things I'm involved in at our organization. I've been instrumental in partnering with local experts and businesses to bring more wellness-focused content to our guests, such as our popular Wellness Retreat weekends. Additionally, I've taken the lead in collaborating with local nonprofits to organize donation-based classes, successfully raising over $2400 for a local children's museum. Furthermore, our free yoga class for International Yoga Day continues to evolve each year to better serve our community. This year, we're proud to partner with our local United Way to maximize its impact.

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