The True 4th of July Experience



The 4th of July is a holiday of much deserved celebration. Liberty. Family. Friends. Freedom. Gratitude. Relaxation and digitally unplugging in the spirit of Red, White and Blue attire, tiki torches and Lee Greenwood. Most importantly, it is a time to finally reconnect with our family and disengage from work. Here are a few tips to make it a true (real) 4th of July experience:


A few tips for a true 4th of July experience :

  1. See the lingering smoke in the air from the fireworks as the past and see the bright colors of the new explosions as the promise of the future. A mid-year New Year's Resolution is appropriate with new dreams. The American Dream is alive and it is waiting for you to choose it.​

  2. Have a beer, wine or cocktail.

  3. Make it mandatory to leave all mobile phones at home for the party. Be in the present moment of the red, white and blue magic all around you. 40% of American kids say their best friend is their mobile phone, sad.  

  4. Observe the beauty of America in this day and age where truly our kids, and ourselves, can be anything we desire to be with hard work, grit, people skills and the desire to evolve.

  5. Tell your kids you love them. You spend so much time pouring your passion, soul and energy into your work that you don't connect with them enough. That sparkler firework you light together is symbolic.

  6. Take a moment during the explosion of fireworks to reflect on how far you have come. You have done some pretty amazing things this year and the best is yet to come. Cheers Sinatra.

  7. Grab another Spotted Cow (there are people in Minnesota trying to smuggle this stuff.)

  8. Drink water.

  9. Be in the moment, without technology, basking in all of Americas beauty. She is beautiful. Your family around you is beautiful.

  10. Relax, Unplug & Enjoy. You deserve it.

God Bless U and the USA,

Bill Marklein

Founder, Employ Humanity

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by Bill Marklein, Founder Employ Humanity