Live Virtual Event: November 24, 10am—11am

Emotional Intelligence: Using Our Humanity for Sales Success

We are all in sales—we are all called to be matchmakers to products, services, people and opportunities. Whether it be selling the people we lead on a vision and new behaviors, selling services and products to customers, connecting a person to an opportunity or influencing those we lead personally and professionally—we are all in the sales business. Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the ability to effectively manage our own emotions and the emotions of others and it has quickly become the #1 competency for sales success in the 21st Century. IQ might have gotten you to where you are, but Emotional Intelligence will help you achieve new levels of success and help you get to where you need to go.

Bill Marklein, founder of Employ Humanity and national speaker/author/trusted advisor, invites you on an inspiring and impactful live presentation and will share insight on what it takes to be highly effective at sales using EI—and our humanity. Marklein earned his Master’s degree in corporate communication from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater with a specialized focus on Emotional Intelligence and human connection. In 2016, Marklein was awarded the Million Dollar Sales Circle Lifetime Achievement Award by the American Chamber of Commerce Executives Association in Savannah, Georgia. A champion for Emotional Intelligence in business and life, Marklein will present ways to accelerate your career wherever you are at on your journey to thrive and achieve excellence.

All are welcome and encouraged to register and attend. Sit back, relax, learn and enjoy.

Live Online Session Agenda 9:50am-11am CST:

9:50am—9:59am Check-in and Entrance

10:00am Opening Remarks & Welcome

10:05am Live Presentation by Bill Marklein

10:50am Live Q&A

11:00am End

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