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Name: Aleesha Webb

Business Title: Vice Chairwoman of the Board / President

Company/Organization:  Village Bank

Favorite Musician: Anything that Alexa is playing because I play many roles in my life. During the day it’s coworker and team builder. When I get home, it’s mom. Sometimes my role is daughter; sometimes it’s friend. And Alexa always finds the right soundtrack to whatever role I’m filling in that moment.

Favorite Vacation: Anywhere new. I love exploring new places and meeting new people. I love trying new activities. I love traveling with my husband — he’s very adventurous, as well, and he’s game for checking out any destination with me.

Favorite Restaurant: Any place that doesn’t mind if I’m picky because I’m committed to the Keto diet, so I’m often adding or subtracting something from my plate.  


BILL MARKLEIN: What is in the DNA of a servant leader?

WEBB: You have to have passion for people and passion for purpose. I’ve never met a great leader who loves the widget or the “thing.” It’s always about the people and the purpose of the organization.


BILL MARKLEIN: What has been the most important factor(s) in your leadership development journey?

WEBB: Pausing. I am a very type A and oftentimes I think I know the right answer immediately. Sometimes that might be the right answer for me but it doesn’t mean that it’s the right answer for the team or the Village. I’ve learned that I need to stop and pause and think how the decision affects others. I’m not afraid of a tough decision or conversation, but before you make those decisions or have those conversations, I think it’s very important that you think about everyone involved.


BILL MARKLEIN: How does Emotional Intelligence, the awareness and management of your own emotions and the emotions of others, play a role in your leadership?

WEBB: At Village Bank, we invested in the psychometric tool Insights Discovery for our common language. As a team we wear bracelets that indicate what is important to the individual and what might be triggers. It has helped us to manage and reset expectations across the organization and with the board—including with my dad, the founder of Village Bank and the one who built it to $300 million in assets.


BILL MARKLEIN: Who has made the most positive impact on your life and what is this individual’s attributes?

WEBB: My family. My kids have taught me to get down on the floor and be silly and laugh. No matter how tough the day was, there is never a time that it’s not OK to dance in the kitchen. Juice can be spilled. Things can be torn. We can get dirty. It just doesn’t matter as long as we are together. And of course, I wouldn’t have any of that without my husband.