Employ Humanity HR Executive of the Year

Recognizing excellence in people-first leadership, Employ Humanity annually selects and celebrates one distinguished human resources executive in the United States who demonstrates excellence in the HR profession.
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HR Executive of the Year: Holly Lifke

Title: Chief Human Resources Officer/EVP

Company: The Boldt Company

City: Appleton, WI

Employ Humanity is pleased to announce Holly Lifke, Chief Human Resources Officer at The Boldt Company, as the 2021 Employ Humanity HR Executive of the Year. Lifke was selected because of her achievements in creating a culture where all people can bring their best self to work and for being a relentless champion for equality, inclusivity, sustainability, and work-life balance.

Using innovative tools, coaching, and training, Lifke's team is building a best place to work culture where people can thrive. With Lifke's leadership, The Boldt Company has built a hybrid program finding a sweet-spot balance of work from home and at the office.

Lifke is a people-first leader and has demonstrated excellence in the HR profession. Congratulations Holly Lifke on being named the 2021 Employ Humanity HR Executive of the Year. Judy Cascapera, Chief People Officer at Nestlé USA in Arlington, VA, was previously named the 2020 Employ Humanity HR Executive of the Year.

The Boldt Company is a fourth-generation family- and employee-owned construction company with a home base in Appleton, Wisconsin and offices throughout the country. Learn more about The Boldt Company.

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