8 Inspiring Female Leaders

September 15, 2020

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Karen Lepisto, VP of HR at Sargento Foods

With more than 20 years of servant leadership at Sargento, Lepisto has played an instrumental role in shaping one of the best places in the Midwest to work. Sargento—recipient of the 2018 Employ Humanity Excellence Award—has a simple yet significant philosophy "Hire good people and treat them like family."

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Lori Fuller, L&D Manager at AbbVie

A fresh graduate of Marquette University's Masters in Human Resources program, Fuller is living out guiding principles of purpose-driven leadership and service to others—creating a positive culture of personal and professional growth at AbbVie.


Kristy Hesse, CHRO at Community First Credit Union

An inspiring leader, Hesse uses head and heart to build a compassionate and strategic culture at one of the most fun, inclusive and community-centric credit unions in Wisconsin. 


Julie Fry, CHRO at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp.

An Ignite Life and Leadership Coach at Fairway Ignite, Fry is a transformational leader inspiring a culture of positive growth, emotional intelligence and challenging all to be their very best selves for workplaces, homes and communities.


Chuwanda Thigpen, Head of Global Talent at Lumentum

A remarkable leader, Thigpen is an accomplished global Talent & Diversity Leader with a proven track record of creating positive change and growth within organizational cultures.


Claire Babineaux-Fontenot, CEO at Feeding America

With a heart of compassion and grace, Babineaux-Fontenot leads the largest network of food banks, pantries, and meal programs in the country. Feeding America is the leading organization in the fight against hunger in the United States.

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Beth Luther, Chief People Officer at Primex Family of Companies

An ambassador for emotional intelligence in the workplace, Luther is a transformational culture cultivator with a servant's heart for developing others.

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Lauren Gant, Human Factors and Ergonomics Manager at HNI

Gant is a creative and innovative thought leader in the space of holistic well-being in the workplace and shares her time and talents teaching as a professor at the University of Iowa.

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