Seven Wisconsin Companies Helping Humanity Win The Fight Against COVID19

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1. Curt G. Joa: Joa was able to answer the call for support from a local vendor and assist with the production of 80,000 units of PPE face shields in less than 48 hours.


2. Elevate97: Aware of the national shortage of PPE the business that normally creates printed materials retooled operations in one week to be able to make plastic protective face shields. “We saw a need and our team came together and said how can we help in the pandemic,” said Elevate97 CEO Kate Burgess.


3. Rockline Industries: Rockline is a leading manufacturer of disinfecting, antibacterial, medical device, and other personal care wipes continuing to lead the fight against the pandemic. "We are supplying products much needed by our brave health care workers as we all struggle together to control the spread of COVID19," said Rockline President Randy Rudolph.


4. Sargento Foods: As a food manufacturer, Sargento is going above and beyond to provide quality, safe food to America during this crisis. Sargento’s efforts have been heroic to feed humanity while demonstrating excellence to the comprehensive well-being of employees, industry and community.


5. Prevea Health: Dr. Ashok Rai and team are leading the way with calm confidence and expertise on best practices while creating logistics for accessible assessment and treatment in our communities. "We need to all socially distance. We need to all act like we already have the virus with our daily habits. We know how to win. This will get us back to business,” said Rai.


6. Festival Foods: Festival Foods is donating $200,000 to United Way organizations throughout Wisconsin to help with higher demand due to COVID19. The groups are best positioned to match resources with needs, including food, childcare and shelter, of the community. Festival Foods offers “Click N Go” online shopping for easy pick-up and has made employees’ safety top priority.  


7. American Family Insurance: American Family Insurance is providing more than $4 million in support for the COVID19 pandemic relief and other non-profit efforts that immediately serve Wisconsin. Additional support from the Steve Stricker American Family Insurance Foundation is expected to push total support to more than $6.8 million.

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