5 Tips for an amazing WorkHuman 2018 

The combination of seeing a lot of first-timers on the WorkHuman app and being a raving fan myself of the WorkHuman experience attending in the past...I decided to compile my top 5 tips for an amazing WorkHuman experience in beautiful Austin, Texas.

1. Be sure to use the official mobile app. The conference has a significant amount of attendees and it is challenging to connect with everybody face-to-face so be sure to utilize the WorkHuman app to join the conversations, collaborate and connect on the conveniently integrated social media platforms. My recommendation is connecting on LinkedIN...A lot of post conference magic happens with these LinkedIN connections.

2. Be ready to attend an event like no other. This conference boasts attendees that are the most compassionate, open-minded humans that truly are in the business of elevating themselves and humanity. Attire: I dress more casual than business (jeans, collard shirt) and if this is your style you will fit right in. Be comfortable and bring layers for the indoor-outdoor temperature differences.

3. Although there is a significant amount of attendees, there  are windows for casual meetings that organically form and center around a topic or friendly smiles. Be sure to join in and introduce yourself...there is no elitism at this conference. Inspire. Be inspired.

4. Explore Austin. It is an amazing city that will satisfy.

5. Bring a good pen and paper (yes, archaic!) for the endless wisdom, tips and tricks that will be shared during the week. This is a true complement to the mobile app (There is nothing worse than returning home and forgetting an excellent nugget of wisdom). Find a good cafe or pub after the conference for deep introspection to download your experiences and notes and create some post-conference action steps while they are fresh.

Enjoy. Be in the moment. You will be delighted.


Bill Marklein

Founder & CEO 

Employ Humanity

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