4 Reasons Why The Most Innovative Companies Are Hiring Emotional Intelligence

Bill Marklein


The companies that have been achieving excellence in recent years have high Emotional Intelligence (EI) in their DNA. Emotional Intelligence will continue to be one of the fastest growing job-skills beyond 2020 because of the abundant benefits to achieving excellence. Innovative companies excel with Emotional Intelligence because these high EI team members can handle pressure healthily, understand others, consistently listen and respond, welcome feedback, empathize, emulate core values and make thoughtful decisions with clarity.  Here are 4 reasons why the most innovative companies are hiring Emotional Intelligence:


Associates with high Emotional Intelligence embrace the new normal of constant disruption with grit, resilience and enthusiasm. They have growth mindsets to adapt and develop new skills and thinking patterns to constant change. You will not hear the 7 most expensive words in business with high EI...



The innovative companies have a pattern, if not core value, of curiosity. Emotional Intelligence is being ridiculously uncomfortable with the status quo. Team members with high Emotional Intelligence are thinking, saying and doing “there has got to be a better way.” Hello innovation.



When Emotional Intelligence is present, associates can coherently and systematically piece together the disruption with confidence and composure. These employees have disciplined, ongoing self-reflection to consistently bring their best selves to work. This comprehensive wellness translates into optimal performance.



Employees with high Emotional Intelligence fully know their individual strengths and weaknesses and how they fit into the core values and vision of the organization. They are a good steward of their strengths to the company and have the humility to involve others and utilize resources to support their weaknesses.


The world is changing every day, every minute. What will not change is the most innovative companies will continue to hire and value Emotional Intelligence.