Emotional Intelligence: 3 Simple Ways To Hire For EQ 

The positive business impact Emotionally Intelligent humans has in our workplace is indisputable. The skills that come with Emotional Intelligence (EQ) translates into improved leadership, wellness, morale, communication, engagement, community involvement and bottom-line success. With the exponential rise of Artificial Intelligence, these human-only skills will be in high-demand.

It is becoming more and more common for hiring professionals taking candidates out on the golf course, tennis court and other competitive environments to see in real-time how emotions are managed. 


But how do we authentically find Emotional Intelligence in the hiring process since this skill set is extremely qualitative?

Here are 3 ways in real-time on how to hire for Emotional Intelligence:

1.      Interview in a social setting where you can observe interaction with different personalities, situations and scenes. Professionals who have high Emotional Intelligence will have tremendous adaptability within the different interactions. This can be done touring the office, campus and community. Casual "meet-and-greet" coffeehouse

interviews are beneficial and appropriate.

2.      Ask questions that demonstrate self-management in previous experiences. For example, “Think about a work project that was high stress for you. What was the situation, how did you successfully manage your stress and what was the outcome of the project?” Professionals who have high Emotional Intelligence will tell this story of individual adaptability and stress management with triumph. 

3.      Observe interaction with mobile devices and other technology. Self-Awareness and Self-Management starts with being mindful that it is not appropriate to be engaging with technology throughout the in-person interview. Be impressed with those who do not interact with their devices. Continuous interaction with mobile devices demonstrates a lack of confidence and desire for the position. Professionals who have high Emotional Intelligence will show respect, presence and will show curiosity by asking inquisitive questions. It clearly says the opportunity is their first priority.

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To your continued success,

Bill Marklein

Founder, Employ Humanity