37 Signs You Are A Leader With Emotional Intelligence

-Bill Marklein, Founder Employ Humanity/Author of Endless Bloom


1.    Model your core values with conviction and clarity.
2.    Pause. Respond more and react less.
3.    Listen with curiosity.
4.    Adapt quickly to different personalities, situations and strategy.
5.    Are approachable.
6.    Are accessible.
7.    Have a growth mindset–endless opportunities to improve yourself.
8.    Use technology as a tool.
9.    Create mini-moments for self-reflection.
10.    Have an accurate self-assessment (strengths, weaknesses, blind spots).
11.    Practice mindfulness and being present.
12.    Create a culture where everybody has a voice and input.
13.    Feel confident about your own skills, talents and abilities.
14.    Feel the mood of the room you enter.
15.    Are comfortably uncomfortable in emotionally-charged situations.
16.    Are a good judge of character.
17.    Have difficult conversations with compassion and empathy.
18.    Are not passive-aggressive.
19.    Communicate really important things in person, if possible.
20.    Do not expect to be happy at all times.
21.    Embrace the suck with grit and resilience.
22.    Can pinpoint what triggers your stress and emotional triggers.
23.    Value quality over quantity in relationships. 4 Quarters > 100 Pennies.
24.    Make human connection a priority.
25.    Do not overreact to minor problems “the small stuff”.
26.    Ask for feedback and how to improve things from the frontline bottom-up.
27.    Promote fun and playfulness.
28.    Have a sense of humor and can laugh.
29.    Look at life as infinite and promote legacy and serving others.
30.    Are ethical and have high integrity. Alignment with what you say/think/do.
31.    Put people first and are open-minded.
32.    Put the mission of the company into action in the halls not on the walls.
33.    Inspire people to become the best versions of themselves.
34.    Give credit and recognition for the little achievements.
35.    Are authentic.
36.    Promote family time.
37.    Have faith and unshakable optimism during difficult times.

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