23 Inspiring Talent Development Champions

October 8, 2020

23 Inspiring Talent Development Champion
Michael Poll.jpg

Michael Poll, Head of Global Talent Development at AbbVie

Poll is a transformational leader elevating people to reach their full potential and advance professionally—and personally.

Nancy Pagel.jpg

Nancy Pagel, L&D Director at Menasha Corp.

Pagel is an inspiring leader and one of the best at developing talent and growth—previously working with and learning from people-first leader Wilson Jones at Oshkosh Corp. The future is bright at Menasha Corp.

Genevieve Daniels.jpg

Genevieve Daniels, Talent Executive at American Family Insurance

A champion for talent development and organizational design, Daniels is leading a transformative cultural and operational effectiveness journey for a Fortune 300 organization with 15K+ associates & agents—achieving excellence.

Roderick Abernathy.jpg

Roderick Abernathy, HR Director at Produce Alliance

An inspiring and highly-respected people leader, Abernathy possesses a nuanced understanding of human behavior and a high degree of Emotional Intelligence.

beth bowers.jpg

Beth Bowers, Manager Org. Development at Werner Electric Supply

A servant leader, Bowers is a key player in talent and leadership development helping people soar personally and professionally to achieve excellence.

chris rutter.jpg

Chris Rutter, CHRO at Mount Carmel Health System

A servant leader, Rutter is an award winning C-Suite human resources executive who is devoted to building and nurturing strong partnerships—creating a “Best Places to Work” culture—and optimizing human potential.

Christine Adleman.jpg

Christine Adleman, Director L&D at Johnsonville

A leader with creativity, clarity and purpose, Adleman has more than 20 years of progressive experience developing and implementing people strategies to drive organizational excellence.

cassy van dyke.jpg

Cassy Van Dyke, Director of Talent at Tenet Healthcare

With more than 20 years in the business, Van Dyke is one of the best in talent development and putting people in position to be successful.

teedra bernard.jpg

Teedra Bernard, Chief Talent Officer at TransUnion

Bernard is a global HR business leader inspiring humanity to reach their full potential and creating a culture where all belong and share their talents.

mary mcnevin.jpg

Mary McNevin, Talent Management Leader at U.S. Venture

McNevin is an award winning chief learning officer & executive coach passionate about people—and has built robust learning and development opportunities at U.S. Venture creating an exceptional place to work, contribute and find a better way.

lisa borre.jpg

Lisa Borre, HR Director at Wightman

Honored in 2019 by Moody on the Market 40 under 40, Borre is an inspiring people-first leader creating an amazing culture to grow.

Jill Allard.jpg

Jill Allard, L&D Manager at Schneider

Allard leads and executes leadership programs that positively impact all areas of the business—a talent development champion—driving excellence.

andrew marcotte.jpg

Andrew Marcotte, HR Leader at Blain's Farm & Fleet

A champion for talent development and the HR profession, Marcotte is a rising star.

jayson komp.jpg

Jayson Komp, Sr. HR Director at Kimberly-Clark

An inspiring people leader with a track record of success leading talent strategy, Komp leads HR transformation for more than 10,000 team members at KC.

Julie Holbein.jpg

Julie Holbein, Talent Director at Big Lots Stores

Holbein, a transformational leader, is one of the best when it comes to talent development and L&D.

Julio Govreau.jpg

Julio Govreau, Talent Leader at Kemper

A USMC veteran and servant leader, Govreau is an ambassador for talent and leadership development at Kemper and beyond.

Robin Gittrich.jpg

Robin Gittrich, VP HR at Toppers Pizza Inc.

With a focus on the employee experience and engaging passion, Gittrich has help build one of the best—and tasty—pizza success stories in American history—all starting in Whitewater, Wisconsin.

kari krupp.jpg

Kari Krupp, Director Org. Development at Sargento

Krupp is a highly skilled talent development leader—inspiring all to learn, grow and bloom personally and professionally.

Monica Brown.jpg

Monica Brown, HR Leader at Whirpool Corp.

A champion for Emotional Intelligence, Brown is an inspiring talent development executive creating a culture where all belong and contribute.

megan joecks.jpg

Megan Joecks, Director of Talent at Charter Steel

An inspiring talent development leader, Joecks leads positive change by creating experiences and opportunities for team members to become the best version of themselves—and grow.

Paul Dillenburg.jpg

Paul Dillenburg, Talent Manager at Kohler Co.

A servant leader, Dillenburg accelerates opportunities for associates to grow putting people in position to be most successful—achieving excellence.

charels shasky.jpg

Charles Shasky, Org. Development at Honor Credit Union

Shasky is a champion for getting people to see their potential—elevating performance, engagement and driving organizational excellence.

shawn premer.jpg

Shawn Premer, CHRO at Consumers Credit Union

A transformational HR leader, Premer uses her creativity and passion for people to create positive change for people, culture and community.

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About Employ Humanity:

Bill Marklein founded Employ Humanity to inspire Emotional Intelligence in workplaces across the world. Marklein is a national speaker, corporate trainer and trusted advisor in the space of Emotional Intelligence and just published his new book Endless Bloom: Planting Emotional Intelligence for Positive Growth.

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