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20 Admirably GREAT Places to Work

August 31, 2020


#1 Kwik Trip — La Crosse, WI

If you are interested in working for a company that is a leader in its industry—Kwik Trip promotes from within, offers flexible work schedules and health benefits to all eligible co-workers, and shares an unheard of 40% of pre-tax profits with all of its co-workers—a company that treats people like family.

#2 Walbec Group — Waukesha, WI

Together, the Walbec Group of independent companies helps employees, customers and communities reach their destinations by combining its strengths in the construction industry to form a world-class organization. An exceptional people-first company.


#3 Plymouth Foam — Plymouth, WI

Located in the Cheese Capital of the World, Plymouth Foam is a people-centric organization that fosters a culture of passion, creativity, and learning—and cultivates relationships based upon relevance, fulfillment, and mutual success. A winning team to join greatness.

lakeside foods.png

#4 Lakeside Foods Inc. — Manitowoc, WI

With a passion for putting people-first, Lakeside Foods is family owned and committed to working with local family farmers to grow its high-quality produce while investing in employees and being a community player far beyond the farm. A great place to work and contribute to be a part of something much bigger than oneself.


#5 Oshkosh Corporation — Oshkosh, WI

Recipient of the 2019 Employ Humanity Excellence Award, Oshkosh Corp. is a trendsetter in human-first leadership creating a space for all employees and stakeholders to thrive. Even better—a brand new state-of-the-art headquarters in Oshkosh where all can contribute and soar.

bergstrom automotive.jpg

#6 Bergstrom Automotive — Neenah, WI

Bergstrom Automotive treats customers, employees and all stakeholders like family driving a culture of compassion, service and excellence.

american national bank fox cities.png

#7 American National Bank Fox Cities— Appleton, WI

The entrepreneurial spirit is in American National Bank Fox Cities' DNA—fueling opportunity for growth-mindsets, employees and businesses to get better every day and achieve their dreams.


#8 Schreiber Foods — Green Bay, WI

A leader in talent development and diversity & inclusion, Schreiber Foods is an excellent place to truly belong and grow.

society insurance.png

#9 Society Insurance — Fond du Lac, WI

Society Insurance is a leader in employee development programs and community impact—empowering employees at all levels to make a positive difference.


#10 Neuroscience Group — Neenah, WI

A friendly and fun place to work, Neuroscience Group values personal care, compassion, teamwork, continuous learning and improvement, fiscal responsibility, community involvement, emotional intelligence and leadership.


#11 Prospera Credit Union — Appleton, WI

With a new branch opening in Grand Chute, Prospera Credit Union continues to grow with a commitment to putting employees first with leadership development and personal growth opportunities—resulting in an exceptional member experience.


#12 AriensCo — Brillion, WI

A career at AriensCo is more than just a job—It’s a commitment to excellence. For nearly 90 years, AriensCo has given team members the freedom to create and contribute—providing each employee with the opportunity to truly impact the business. "I chose AriensCo because of the amazing work environment," said mechanical engineering intern John Nagel.


#13 ConceptWorks Inc. — Elkhart Lake, WI

With a culture of employee development, challenging the status quo, servant leadership and innovation, ConceptWorks Inc. is an industry leader and great place to work.

festival foods.png

#14 Festival Foods — De Pere, WI

Servant leadership and customer service excellence is the culture of Festival Foods and Festival Foods is proud to be a family and employee-owned company making a positive difference in people's lives in and outside the workplace.


#15 Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp.—Madison, WI

Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation has robust resources, programs and opportunities to take employees to the next level personally and professionally. The headquarters in Madison is breathtaking—a great place to work, connect and grow in Wisconsin and beyond.


#16 Rockline Industries— Sheboygan, WI

Rockline continues to expand and has a culture of servant leadership and excellence. Everybody matters at Rockline—a community committed to doing what's right and fostering high-value relationships that move the needle.


#17 Werner Electric Supply — Appleton, WI

Werner Electric Supply is dedicated to investing in developing employees' talents to progress their career. They thrive on the diversity of employees, comprehensive well-being and a collaborative approach to success—a wonderful place to work and become even better.


#18 Mayville Engineering Co. — Mayville, WI

MEC is an employee-owned company that has a high impact in the communities where it has locations—a great place to work and grow personally and professionally.


#19 Wimmer Communities — Hales Corners, WI

A regular on best places to work announcements, Wimmer Communities offers a wide variety of resources and employee development to make a positive difference to all stakeholders.


#20 Kapco Metal Stamping — Grafton, WI

Kapco continuously invests in their culture, people and community—an outstanding workplace culture that drives excellence and community impact.

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