19 Things To Start Doing

-Bill Marklein, Founder & CEO Employ Humanity


  1. Start putting yourself first. Americans are carrying little water in their emotional, mental and spiritual buckets. True servant leaders pour from a full bucket that is the byproduct of making daily self-care a priority. Be selfish so you can truly serve humanity in and outside of the workplace.

  2. Start spending more time offline. Coffee with a friend = the original social media.

  3. Start saying no to things that don’t support your core values, family time, goals and vision. (see #1).

  4. Start getting up earlier for exercise, self-reflection and the pure enjoyment of having the house (or neighborhood sidewalks) to yourself.

  5. Start forgiving more. Yourself and others.

  6. Start a growth mindset that every person is on a journey and is improving daily. Don’t judge people from who they were a month, year or decade ago.

  7. Start the morning with an enthusiasm that people are cheering you on and the universe is in your favor. Say “something amazing is about to happen and I am ready for it.”

  8. Start checking email (and social media) less and less.

  9. Start focusing on your big audacious goal that will drive your decision-making.

  10. Start leaving your phone outside the bedroom and family meal.

  11. Start laughing more at just how incredibly messy and unpredictable humanity is and enjoy the show without judgment.

  12. Start becoming more vulnerable with admitting your weaknesses. This humility will make you a more human leader.

  13. Start saying hello or smiling to all those in your presence for they could really use a warm human touch.

  14. Start doing more good deeds quietly.

  15. Start each morning saying something you are grateful for in your life, a big or tiny blessing.

  16. Start using your God-given abilities to help other people.

  17. Start doing something each week that makes you a little, or a lot, uncomfortable. This is where the magic happens.

  18. Start attending more personal and professional development opportunities.

  19. Make the world a better place. Leave your positive mark. Employ Humanity.