15 Boldly Inspirational Leaders

September 7, 2020

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Kelly Grier, US Chair & Managing Partner at EY

Grier inspires associates to lead boldly to serve all of humanity—calling for meaningful change, equality and justice. Because of Grier's inspirational leadership, EY celebrates one of the best cultures for diversity, inclusion and belonging where all can contribute.

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Michele Buck, President & CEO at The Hershey Co.

Buck is a transformational leader creating a culture of excellence. With a focus on inclusivity, Buck challenges all employees to speak up, be bold, assertive and reach outside individual comfort zones so all can be heard and create meaningful change.

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Jack Salzwedel, CEO at American Family Insurance

A dynamic leader, Salzwedel has built community partnerships and programs to build a better world for not only employees—but most importantly—humanity. Salzwedel is a bold voice—and change agent—for equality, inclusion and peace. As CEO of American Family Insurance, Salzwedel has an admirable legacy  of diversity, inclusion, leadership development, employee engagement and succession planning.

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Wilson Jones, CEO at Oshkosh Corporation

The epitome of servant leadership, Jones has built a culture of excellence at Oshkosh by putting people first and creating an organization where all are inspired to get better personally and professionally. Oshkosh Corp. was honored with the 2019 Employ Humanity Excellence Award.

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Lisa Buckingham, EVP at Lincoln Financial Group

A creative and inspirational leader, Buckingham has helped shape a culture of strength, courage, integrity, dependability, optimism and respect. Buckingham is a convener bringing people together to boldly challenge the status quo of what it means to lead and serve humanity.

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Alicia Boler Davis, SVP at Amazon

Davis is an inspirational leader in sustainability and global customer fulfillment and is the first Black woman to become a Senior Vice President in the company’s history. Davis excels in bringing humanity together to achieve a common goal—achieving excellence.

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Madeline Bell, CEO at Children's Hospital Philadelphia

Bell values every penny that goes to the hospital—building a culture of world-class compassionate care for children. With boldly inspirational leadership, Bell continues to model calm, grace and hope during this year of great adversity.

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Melissa Kremer, CHRO at Target Corporation

Kremer is an inspirational leader that has shaped a positive culture of rich diversity, inclusion, leadership development and strategic workforce collaborations.

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Tchernavia Rocker, EVP at Under Armour

Rocker is a leader in best in class HR operations—championing a culture of transparency, authenticity, and inclusiveness where all can bring their best to work. With a servant's heart, Rocker shares her time and talent with many non-profits where she lives.

laura kohler.jpg

Laura Kohler, SVP at Kohler Company

Kohler is a servant leader and humanitarian—solving global challenges with head and heart. A champion for the arts and humanities, Kohler passionately connects global associates to an inspiring purpose bigger than oneself that engages the mind, heart and soul creating an inclusive and inspiring place to work.

ashok rai.jpg

Ashok Rai, CEO at Prevea Health

Dr. Rai's competence, accessibility, and high emotional intelligence during the COVID-19 pandemic have been a blessing. Rai continues to champion equality, unity and peace in our communities and Prevea Health was recently honored with the 2020 Employ Humanity Excellence Award.


Carey Martin, SVP at Whirlpool Corporation

An inspirational leader, Martin is a leading architect in people strategy—building world-class teams that contribute not only to better workplaces and communities, but a better world.

michelle gass.jpg

Michelle Gass, CEO at Kohl's

An innovative leader, Gass has created a culture where all are called to stand up against racism, bigotry and hate. Inclusivity and the celebration of diversity is a core value of Kohl's—serving and celebrating all families.

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Donna Morris, EVP at Walmart

An inspirational leader, Morris has created an inclusive, human-first culture contributing to organizational growth, transformation and change—with a focus on providing engaging employee experiences that result in global company success.

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Lisa Chang, Chief People Officer at Coca-Cola Co.

A positive force, Chang leads inspiring programs, partnerships and initiatives to embrace and celebrate diversity at The Coca-Cola Company—a trendsetter for diversity, inclusion and equality for all of humanity.

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